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SpeedDate is the perfect dating site for singles from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and many more countries around the world. Not only are there many hundreds of thousands of people from your country looking to meet you on SpeedDate, but there are many singles from your local area too. The great thing about an online dating personals service like SpeedDate, is that singles are online right now waiting to meet you.

SpeedDate has pioneered a different and better online dating experience. We believe that online personals services should not be about long written profiles or time-consuming questionnaires. Online dating should be about finding out quickly who you have chemistry with. This is what online speed dating is all about - helping you find out who you click with before you meet them in person.

As the world´s first online speed dating site, SpeedDate is designed to allow you to interact with lots of singles through live online dates using instant messaging, webcams, or audio. All you have to do is sign up for free, and within a minute we´ll set you up for online dates with attractive singles based on your personal preferences. Online speed dating is revolutionizing the world of online dating personals services, and can make a big difference in your life, whether you are from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or anywhere else. So give SpeedDate a try now!

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