If your profile isn’t getting the attention that you’d hoped… freshen it up with a new primary photo.


Tight headshots are ideal. True, photos of you in front of the Eiffel Tower are wildly impressive. But you’re the main attraction.


Don’t get lost in the crowd. It’s tempting, to want to show off your friends, kids, and pets in your main picture. Resist that urge. These supportive players can claim another slot in your photo gallery.


Smiles attract. Yours is a beaut!  Show it off.


Own it, and keep it decent. Don’t upload a photo that isn’t yours.  And don’t display anything that would cause your best friend’s mother to blush.


On the pesky technical side, the guidelines are few: keep your (JPG, GIF, or BMP) image under 2MB.


Mostly… have fun and express your best self.

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