Guest Post: Online speed dating by the numbers

Online speed dating is a fascinating, convenient, cost effective, and fun way to meet new people.  The fact that you can engage in it in your spare minutes from the comfort of your home – eliminating a lot of the precious time spent on coffee or movie dates that go nowhere - makes it a practical, efficient and riveting numbers game, and greatly increases the odds of meeting someone worthwhile. 


Below you’ll find some pointers that will help you make the most out of playing this numbers game.  Besides the obvious tips such as dressing suitably and smiling in your picture, being confident and not being inappropriate…overall you just need to relax, have fun, and remember that online speed dating is simply an avenue to give you a quick and easy jumpstart into the dating world.


Before You Get Started


1.  Intentionally define, with respect to your dating life, what “success” is for you.  Is it just meeting new people, going on a few dates and having fun?  Is it a short term, action-packed relationship and hook-up? Is it a serious, committed relationship, but without marriage?  Or is it a relationship with your soul mate, a relationship that’s going to lead to marriage?  Most people don’t take the time to envision what they’re looking for, and become dissatisfied with their results.  Know what you want, otherwise the Universe will throw everything at you…like it or not.


2.  Understand your purpose.  It’s simple: Score a date with someone who feels “right”.  That’s it.  Online speed dating is only the first step in a long process.  A live in-person date is the next step. 


During the Dates


1.  Just before you go online, pretend you were out walking around and met someone new on the street, at a bar, or through a friend.  This will help get you into “character”, and you‘ll be more grounded for the event. 


2.  Don’t worry about what to write or say…just be present to the other person, listen, and be genuine.  It‘s only 3 minutes, so let the questions fly, and don‘t over-think anything.  Remember that your only goal is to get a live date with someone you‘re interested in.  


3.  Don‘t talk sexy or dress too sexy in your photo…just be natural, and “be” sexy.  If there’s an attraction to the other person, you‘ll be naturally sexy.  


4.  Keep it light and fun.  You‘ve got nothing to lose.


5.  You‘ll know when things click, so trust your instincts.  And don‘t get discouraged if your chosen one doesn’t turn out to be who you thought you wanted…it was only practice, so simply get back online and do it again.


After the Dating


Congratulations are deserved…reward yourself by going out for a cup of coffee or tea, or even a beer.  Meet with friends and share your experience with them, and encourage them to try it.  You just may have found someone you‘re going to spend the rest of your life with – and that deserves a celebration.


About the Author…


Frank Polancic (often referred to as The Soul Mate Guy) is a dating coach, noted speaker and author of “Why Wait? Create Your Soul Mate Now!”, an exceptional dating companion that combines the law of attraction, psychology, feng shui and other spiritual concepts to collectively break down barriers and help singles identify and attract their ideal partner. His method is a powerful transformational tool to help men and women fall in love and live happily ever after…

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