How To Differentiate Yourself on Part 2

We’re very happy to present guest post #2 by blogger Jullien Gordon:

How To Differentiate Yourself on
Part 2 of 3: “Interests”

In the activities section, it is important to be a specific as possible.  A prospect will be more intrigued by someone who writes “driving on Alpine Road and hwy 84″ than someone who says “driving around”.  Without using too many additional words, the first person paints a better picture of who they are.  I’ve never driven down Alpine Road, but I could imagine its beauty on a Sunday morning with the top down and a beautiful woman next to me.  This is how you want potential prospects’ imaginations to run as they read your activities section.

More Examples:

  • Instead of “volunteering” say “feeding the homeless at St. John’s church on Thurs”
  • Instead of “playing cards” say “playing poker with buddies from work” 
  • Instead of “reading” say “reading John Grisham in Lincoln Park under a tree”
  • Instead of “Girl Scouts of America” say “empowering young women as Girl Scouts troop leader”

Stay tuned for Part 3: The photo!

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