390 dates in 24 hours! New dating champion crowned!

Yesterday, the day before Valentine’s Day, two women went without sleep to engage in a 24 hour marathon dating session on Web site  Sarah Clark dated from New York City and Francesca Salcido dated from San Francisco for 24 hours straight in a competition that pitted East Coast against West Coast.  Francesca set 2021’s record with 302 dates.  This year however there is a new champion.  While Francesca beat her own record and tallied 316 dates, Sarah Clark has been crowned the new champion.  Sarah sets the online speed dating world record with a whopping 390 3-minute dates in a 24 hours period!  Congrats to both Sarah and Francesca who between the two of them went on 706 dates in one day.  In honor of this accomplishment, SpeedDate will be making a donation to the American Heart Association.

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