How To Differentiate Yourself on Part 1

Ever wondered how to standout on SpeedDate?  Our guest blogger, Jullien Gordon, offers up some great advice in this 3-part series. Thanks Jullien!

How To Differentiate Yourself on
Part 1 of 3: “About Me”

Speed dating is not that different from interviewing.  Your profile is like your resume.  Your first online date is like your interview.  And the actual date is like your first day at work.  So the key to getting an offer from a potential match is make sure your resume or profile stands out.

On, the “About Me”  section is a great place to differentiate yourself.  Since most of the fields are pull down menus, the two places to distinguish yourself most in this section are: ‘More about me’, and ‘Who I would like to meet’.

1. More About Me

It’s impossible to tell someone all about yourself in this little section.  The goal of this section is to spark their curiosity and desire to know more about you. Instead of seeing this section as “More About Me”, imagine that the heading is “Why should I date you?”

This section should be more than a few sentences. A surefire formula for success is to answer the following:

Where you’re from?

Give a short timeline about yourself that includes your education and geographic moves.

Example: I’m an 80s baby, born and raised in San Francisco, CA.  I got my BA in American History from the USC before moving back to the Bay Area

What do you do for a living?

Talk about what you do in an interesting way that your business card doesn’t capture.  Talking about your job in a new way sparks curiousity and prevent prospects from putting you in a box based on what they think they know about your profession.

Example: My day job is being a mental farmer.  I plant seeds in the fertile minds of youth so that they can grow.  Some people call me a teacher.

2. Who I would like to meet

What you’re looking for is a reflection of who you are so it’s fair game to state what you’re looking here so that potential prospects can self-select if they think they are a match.

Example: I’m not looking for anything serious.  I’m just looking for someone who knows how to have fun and likes to travel.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Interests!

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