How to succeed on SpeedDate - Advice from a member

SpeedDate members are awesome. Not only are you all cool enough to try out a totally different way to meet people, but many of you are actively involved in strengthening the SpeedDate community.  Some of you even take the time to write advice for other users. Here’s what one of our female users had to say:

I’m really bummed I didn’t get to see you all at the SpeedDate HQ, but as I sit here with the flu using the site I figured I would write out a few recommendations for you guys to tell the male users of the site so they can maximize the amount of responses.  Here it goes:

1. When posting a default picture: Make sure it’s recent (within the last year)
2. Don’t post one where you’re kissing another girl (super turn off)
3. It’s fine to crop a picture but obviously erasing a girl from your pic reads “loser”
4. Try not to have more than one person in the picture unless you can identify yourself in your profile as to which person you are.
5. Profile Info: If you want a woman to respond to your winks or flirts provide them with some information about yourself. Meet to find out is not the best conversation starter.
6. Try to write a personalized message rather than just a wink or a pre-written flirt.

Feel better and thanks for the advice!

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