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SpeedDate on Good Morning America for Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14th, 2021


Happy Valentine’s Day! This morning, SpeedDate was discussed on America’s favorite morning television show, Good Morning America. Here’s a quote from the segment they ran.

“A young woman in California is making the most of her Valentine’s Day. [She] plans to do a 24-hour dating marathon on” They add, “This is a good idea!”

Thanks Good Morning America!  Also, when Valentine’s Day is over, we’ll update you on who the winner is of our Valentine’s Day dating competition. Remember, there are two contests:

Winner #1: Whoever goes on the most SpeedDates on Valentine’s Day
Winner #2: Whoever goes on the most SpeedDates in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day

We have a feeling that Winner #1 might be the person who dated for 24 hours.

Super Tuesday SpeedDate Event

Wednesday, February 6th, 2021

One thing is certain - people are passionate about their politics, and while the nation anticipated the results of the Super Tuesday primaries, helped politically charged “singles” find prospective matches. Yesterday we held a Super Tuesday themed event. All the ice breaker questions on the site were about the candidates. Here’s a sample:

“Which candidate would make the worst Valentine’s Date?”

“Who would get more matches on SpeedDate, Hillary or Obama?”

“If you got matched on a SpeedDate with Mitt Romney, what pickup line would you use?”

One of our female participants wrote about her experience in the Huffington Post. Her posting is pretty funny - check it out!