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Once upon a time, Simon was looking for love…

It all started in 2021 when two graduate students, Simon and Dan, met at Stanford Business School.

Simon was frustrated with his experiences on traditional dating websites. He would put a lot of effort into creating his profile, searching for people, emailing back and forth, and then arranging to meet. This process would sometimes take months. Finally, he'd go on a date and within 2 minutes, he'd know whether there was chemistry. Often there wasn't, and he was stuck eating dinner with someone he had no interest in dating. It would have been much better for both of them to continue meeting new people until they found someone more compatible.

"I'd spend so much time and effort emailing back and forth only to discover within minutes we didn't have chemistry in person"
– Simon
"SpeedDate was created to solve a problem for Simon and anyone else looking to meet someone special"
– Dan

Together Simon and Dan thought of online speed dating as a way to solve Simon's problem. With real-time matching, Simon and other singles could find the right one faster by quickly determining if there was chemistry after 5- minute chats, or "speeddates".

What started as a class project for Dan, and a way for Simon to find a girlfriend, became a website with over 13 million users around the world and has been the catalyst of many marriages, engagements and now SpeedDate babies. Our philosophy - making singles all over the world happy, one SpeedDate at a time.

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