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How It Works
Chat and find chemistry. It's that simple.

Our philosophy is to make dating fast, fun, and easy. Let our real-time matching technology take care of all the hard work.

All you need to do is have fun chatting with singles!

Why We're the Best Site for Online Dating

Reason #1: Dates, Right Now

What differentiates our product is our real-time dating system. We enable our users to date wherever they are connected - online, phone, or on Facebook. We took the online profile model and the super-matching algorithm model, and took them one step further. This brings you the best of both worlds to help you find instant chemistry through speed dating.

Our mobile app uses GPS data (just like Yelp or Facebook) to find you matches nearby and then prioritizes them based on your preferences. Download the app FREE, and find people waiting to chat with you in minutes. Send them a message to set up a meeting, and you're up and dating on the go!

Reason #2: Cutting Edge Technology

We're building the best site for love and we're serious about how we combine technology with dating.. We hire only the best engineers to power our technology. We learn what users like and then build from that point forward.

We want you to feel a spark when you're on SpeedDate, and we're working constantly to improve the site to help more people fall in love with it, and with each other. (Awww.)

Reason #3: Matching Technology

To maximize the dating experience for our members, we employ a matching algorithm that connects people based on profile information, location, and preferences.

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