Real Dates in Real-Time

September 15, 2021

SpeedDate Surpasses 10 Million Users, Attributes Growth to Connecting Singles in Real-Time, 24/7

Founders Say That Live Interaction is a Better, Faster Way for Singles to See If There's a Spark, While Relying on Profiles to Determine Compatibility Only Delays the Inevitable

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE), the world's first and largest online speed dating service, today announced that the company has reached 10 million users. SpeedDate attributes its rapid growth to the company's focus on connecting singles in real-time via five minute dates, around the clock, utilizing web/video chat and mobile devices. Its founders contend that live interaction allows singles to find out early on if there is chemistry between them, while other online dating sites depend too heavily on profiles (which may or may not be accurate) to identify possible matches.

"Singles today know that compatibility can only be determined through live interaction," said Dan Abelon, SpeedDate Co-Founder and President. "Whether by web or video chat or mobile, real-time dates allow singles to more quickly and easily find out if a connection's been made to see if there's a need to meet in-person. Singles can also interact with more people in a shorter period of time, which improves the odds of finding someone with whom they really click."

Out of frustration with the online dating industry's dependence on analyzing profiles to identify compatibility, Stanford MBA candidates, Dan Abelon and Simon Tisminezky, originally launched as a business school project. While leading the development of the service with the help of team members (some from big name online dating sites), the two wanted to move beyond profiles and focus on what singles were really demanding: live interaction.

"SpeedDate is leading a revolution in the online dating industry. Singles demand to move beyond profile databases and long questionnaires. They want to instantly meet other singles in their area in real-time. They don't want to wait to meet each other in-person to see if there's chemistry. By focusing on live interactions online and via mobile devices, we are solving that problem for millions of people," said Simon Tisminezky, SpeedDate co-founder and CEO.

SpeedDate says that mobile is key to the company's real-time dating strategy because it allows for instant connection anytime, anywhere. The company recently announced its mobile app for the Apple iPhone and other smart phones and has reached over one million unique downloads. Soon after, the company launched the first and only dating app specifically designed for the iPad. SpeedDate's founders believe the service has reached critical mass with more than 10 million users by offering a service that is more effective, practical and fun.

"SpeedDate is the only place where you can meet as many singles as you want, 24/7. Whether you have just a few spare minutes to log on and meet someone, or you want to hang out all night meeting tons of people, SpeedDate is always there. We even had someone spend last Valentine's Day meeting over 300 people in 24 hours!" added Abelon.