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How It Works
Chat and find chemistry. It's that simple.

Our philosophy is to make dating fast, fun, and easy. Let our real-time matching technology take care of all the hard work.

All you need to do is have fun chatting with singles!

Need some help? Check out our FAQs.

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1. Top Questions

1.1. How do I choose who I date?

The best way to choose who to date is to upgrade and use the 'date' button. Anyone you click 'date' for will be set up with you on a date if you are both online. Otherwise, SpeedDate matches you for live chat dates based on your preferences and the preferences of other people on the system. If you adjust your preferences, you can impact the age and location of the people with whom we set you up.

1.2. How can I get set up on more live speed dates?

Here are 4 ways to attract more attention on SpeedDate.

  1. Make sure you've uploaded a photo.
  2. Make sure you've filled out your full profile.
  3. Try using a webcam on your live chat dates.
  4. Upgrade to premium membership. Your profile will be prioritized so you'll receive dates more quickly, and more messages from other members.

1.3. How can I switch between viewing men/women?

Profile settings identify your gender and that of your desired date.

  1. Go to: My Profile -> My Info
  2. Edit the "Gender" field to reflect your own.
  3. Edit the gender that you're "Looking for" in a date.
  4. Don't forget to [Save] your changes.
  5. Refresh your browser before speed dating, again.

Hmmmm.... I did that, but I'm still presented with dates that don't match the sex I've specified in my profile. What next?

It's likely that the other member's gender is inaccurately set. Let them know!

1.4. What are the benefits of upgrading to premium membership?

Premium members receive the following benefits. We are also adding new features to help you meet new people every day!

  1. Contact all members
  2. Chat and message people after you date them
  3. View multiple photos
  4. See who viewed you
  5. See who wants to date you
  6. Write back to people who favorite you
  7. Prioritized for live online speed dating (you get more dates)
  8. Choose exactly who you want to date
  9. Choose who you want to instant message
  10. Come up first in search results
  11. Featured member status (star on profile)
  12. Priority customer service

1.5. I have questions about my bill

For all billing and charges issues related to premium subscription, please submit a ticket using the link to the left. If you need more assistance, please login to your profile.

2. Getting started

2.1. How does SpeedDate work?

SpeedDate is an easy and fast way to meet new people. Once you login and click Start, we set you up with people for 3-minute online SpeedDates using yourinstant messaging or webcams/live audio. If you like your date, vote yes to add them to your buddy list. In between dates we show you profiles of people we think would be compatible with you. Send winks and flirts, and add people to your chat buddy list. Get to know your buddies, and when you are ready, go on a real date!

2.2. What can I do to make my dates appear more quickly?

One way to get dates much faster is to upgrade your account. Premium members are always at the front of the line to get more dates faster! Also, please invite your friends to build the SpeedDate community!


2.3. Why are SpeedDates three minutes?

Three minutes is the perfect amount of time to make a first impression. If it is a positive impression and you match, you can spend as long as you like getting to know each other after. If you don't match, three minute SpeedDates allow you time to meet lots of other people.

2.4. Can I end my date early?

You are allowed to end the dates early by clicking 'end date',but we encourage you to stick around for the full three minutes so your date has time to make enough of an impression for you to decide whether there is any chemistry. Also, people are less likely to end dates on you if you use a webcam.

2.5. What do you do to make sure people behave on SpeedDate?

We want everyone to feel comfortable using SpeedDate. Although it is rare, if your date is acting truly offensive, press the report button. We will examine the situation and potentially ban your date. You can also block and delete members, even after you have matched with them or added them to your buddy list. Since you can communicate anonymously through SpeedDate, only give out your contact information when you are ready. Of course, we encourage our members to use common sense in deciding to give out their contact information.

2.6. What do I do now that I matched with my date?

Continue to chat with your matches and buddies for as long as you want. When you are ready, go on a real date! We love to hear success stories from our members. If you met someone you really like on SpeedDate, let us know.

2.7. What if I have ideas for new features or changes to SpeedDate?

We welcome ideas from our members. Just click submit a request to the left to submit a suggestion.