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Instantly meet local singles and quickly discover if you have chemistry.

Revolutionizing the way people meet online

Online speed dating is about creating real-time interactions. Whether you're looking for love or looking for someone to meet right now, through 5-minute live speeddates, we connect you with local singles who are online and ready to chat. You control who you talk to and when. Why waste time emailing back and forth when you can instantly chat on unlimited 5-minute speeddates and figure out if there's chemistry that much faster? Let SpeedDate introduce you to the "new school" way to date online.

Chat with singles anywhere, anytime

Got a computer? Check. Got a phone? Check. Awesome – you have everything you need to instantly chat with our SpeedDaters anywhere, anytime.

SpeedDate's mobile dating app gives you the power of real-time dating right in the palm of your hand. Instant notifications will keep you updated on who's checking out your profile whether you're in or out of the app. You can be connected at the coffee shop, grocery store, or even at the gym. Your next speeddate could be with someone just a mile away, and that someone could be your best date ever!

SpeedDate's dating app is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Facebook.

Powered by technology that helps you find love faster

We're pioneering real-time chat technology. Sound fancy? That's because it is. Since our launch in 2021, we've become experts in forging real-time interactions, giving you the best chance at finding chemistry. Our patented system customizes matches just for you. The more you speeddate, the smarter our engine becomes….making it really easy for you to find the right one faster. Quickly discover chemistry or move on to your next speeddate.


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